Day 1:

Talk to the guy at the door. He won’t let you in. He’ll tell you about Nishanthi in Central Park. Leave the screen on the left and take the sub to Central Park. Talk to the hotdog guy. He can direct you to Nishanthi on the screen on the right. She’s the one with the flute. All those people standing around her. You don’t dare to interrupt. Let’s pay a visit to the hospital first. Talk to the doctor. He’ll tell you about your aunt and grandmother. And about you and Joey. When all questions are answered, go back to Central Park. Nishanthi is alone now. Talk to her and she’ll take you to your apartment.

Day 2:

Get the notebook here. Try to leave the building and the doorman will give you an envelope. Get back in to your apartment to open the envelope. Read all the letters that are there. One mentions a book of the occult. And there’s a photo. After reading all, leave your apartment and take the sub to the library. Click on your notebook and click on the cross-hair. Then click on the book of the occult and click that on the computer in the library. You can find the book now. Leave the library and go to the hospital. You’ll have a hypnotic session. Nothing much will happen. Go to the park. On the ground there’s a whistle. Pick it up and go to your apartment. Clean the whistle in your kitchen. Go to the hospital again. Ask for another session. Now before the session starts, set your stopwatch to 10 minutes. The go into the hypnotic session. Halfway the doctor will be called away leaving you behind in a hypnotic state. But because you set the time, you’ll wake up. Go over to the file cabinet and select Lauren Blackwell from your notebook. Use it on the file-cabinet and you’ll get the status report of Lauren. It appears she talked about two for heaven. Put the file away and the doctor will appear again. Say goodbye and go back to your apartment. Use the two for heaven in your notebook on the red book from the library. It wasn’t two for heaven but two four seven. The page number with a recipe. A recipe that will make people visible on a photo. That means that we’ll have to find some ingredients.


To get the lemon, go to Nishanthi. She’ll offer you a cup of tea. Ask for a lemon. Talk some more and she can tell you about the carousel. Then leave for the library. Since you don’t know what flower it is in your recipe, click on the recipe in your notebook and then on the computer. You’ll find a book with the flowers in it. Purple with a white dot. On to the park. There are flowers! Go to the spot you found Nishanti. There’s a painter now. Try to walk over to the flowers and you’ll be shouted at by the painter. Look how he’s annoyed by the dog. Trying to get the dog to bark might chase the painter. Use your whistle. The painter will go. Walk over to the flowers. Use your notebook to select the recipe and use that on the flowers. You now know which flower to pick. Take the flower and go back to your apartment. Use the recipe from your notebook on the kitchenette and you can prepare a bowl with half the recipe. Then use the lemon from your inventory on the bowl in your inventory. Do the same with the flower. One finished recipe, ready to go. Drop the bowl on the picture in your inventory and watch the outro.

Game source: The game was found here on the internet.

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