After you’ve read the letter from Fred Davis that you’re fired, it’s time for revenge. Enter the bedroom in the back and look on your nightstand. It’s the KEYCARD from the studios. Very usefull. Open the drawer of the nightstand on the right to take the GUN and the BULLET out. Use the bullet on the gun to load it already. Leave the bedroom and leave the house on the left.

The Streets:

Look at the phonebox outside. Someone left his PHONECARD. It’s yours now. Walk to the left to the studios. Use your keycard to the reader left of the door to enter the studios. Hmm.. not valid? That reader kept the card. The phonecard did look the same as the studio card so let’s try that one on the reader. Bingo!


The Studios:

Enter Studio 2 on the left. Mr. Litterman is not happy since the coffee machine doesn’t work. Take a PAPER CUP from the machine and leave the talk-show host for now. We know where to get the best coffee!. Walk south twice to go back to the streets and walk to the right to get back home. Enter through the front door.


Pick up the COFFEE POT from the table and in your inventory use the paper cup on the coffee pot to fill it. Put the coffee pot back on the table otherwise the misses gets angry. Leave the house again on the right. Walk further to the right to go back to the studios.

The Studios:

Use the phonecard on the cardreader again to open the doors and go back to Studio 2 again. Give your paper cup with coffee to Mr. Litterman. He’s a happy man now. Leave Studio 2 on the south and read the sign on the door next to Studio 1 to see what they are recording.

Enter Studio 2 again. Mr. Litterman is gone now, he’s doing his talkshow. Take a look at the chair he was in and find that his KEYCARD was left behind. Better take it. Also take another PAPER CUP.

Leave Studio 2 and in the corridors walk to the right to go to Studio 3. See what they are recording: Space Chek. Enter Studio 3 and overhear the conversation. They have a problem with their computer. Maybe you can help here. Leave Studio 3 on the south and walk twice to the left in the corridors. In the hall you’re in now is the Coulisse Workshop on the right. Enter it.

The painter is painting the wall blue. Wow. What a coincident. Use the paper cup on the bucket. Hmm. Just too high. Agains the wall is a STICK. Pick it up and use the stick on the bucket of paint. One less happy painter and a huge stain on the floor. Use the paper cup on the spilt paint on the floor and you have one blue cup.

Leave the workshop on the south (put the stick back!) and in the corridor walk all the way to the right back to Studio 3. Enter the studio and use the blue cup on the tray of the computer at the left side. One happy computer and a BLUE KEYCARD. Leave the studio on the south side and walk all the way to the left again.

Across the workshop is the door to elevator to the boss’ office. Use one of the keycards on the elevator to open it. It’ll take all your cards but hey, the door is open. You’ll end up in the office of the big boss. Since Fred doesn’t know you, you might as well shoot him. Use the gun on Fred….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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