School’s out and you want to watch TV. But you can’t find the remote.

Look at the mouse hole behind the lamp and see the remote. But you can’t reach it when that mouse is there.

Use the cushions of the sofa to get a piece of CHEESE.  Under the rug on the left is a bulge. Use the bulge to get your TRANSFORMER. Use the books under the telephone to find Lisa’s SKIPPING ROPE.

Look at the transformer in your inventory. You can change it into something else. Use the rope on the cage and then put the cage and rope on the lamp next to the mouse hole. Put the cheese on the rug in front of the mouse hole to lure the mouse and when he gets out, use the hanging cage again to lower the cage. The mouse is now trapped.


Use the mouse hole to get the REMOTE CONTROL and use the device on the TV to finally get some rest.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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