At the parkinglot of the mall,walk north to the entrance of the ship.  After the service and when everyone’s gone walk outside again and go to the right to the well and outhouse.  Use the outhouse to find the PAPERS, the MATCHES and the APPOINTMENT BOOK. Look through the book to see it’s Pastor Love’s book.Leave the outhouse and walk to the right to return to the car park.

Walk towards the south to get the MAIL out of the mailbox and the PACKAGE that’s underneath. Use the multi tool on the envelope to reveal a DURACHIP and an INVOICE. Open the dark package to find a LETTER and 5 packs of CIGARETTES. Open the light brown box with the multi tool to find a LETTER and a pair of UNDERWEAR. Look closely at the items and read the letters. Everyone is in Christmas mood.

Walk back into the church and talk to the pastor. Give him his appointment book. He’ll notice the appointment and leaves with you but forgot to lock up. Enter the church again and walk to the left towards the pulpit. Take the YULE LOG from the altar and walk through the opening in the north up the stairs.

Use the door on the right to release the skunk. Give the cigarette sticks to the skunk. When she’s asleep, enter the room on the right. Use the book case to see what the pastor is reading. You can look at all, you should at least take the REALLY GREEN BOOK and the RED BOOK. Use the KVJ bible on the binary version to translate it.


Use the log in the fireplace and use the matches to light it.  Use the red pack of cigarettes in the fire to melt it into a TAR patch. Use the underwear in the fire to warm them.

Leave the room, go down the stairs and walk to the right to leave the church. Outside walk to the right to visit the outhouse and well again. Use the tar on the well to block the crank and use the well again to climb down the rope. Walk to the left into the tunnel.

Walk to the left until you can see a dark blue old terminal. Use the durachip from your inventory on the terminal to create some light. Now that the DataLink can communicate, use the underwear with the DataLink and use the DataLink with the terminal.  You can now read all about the murderbot.

Walk to the right and climb the rope to leave the well again. Walk to the right and on the parking lot is now a NEWSPAPER. Enter the church again, walk to the left and climb the stairs to go through the door on the north. Upstairs use the door on the left. It’s locked.

Use the newspaper on the door to slide it under. Use the multi tool on the door to push the key out and use the newspaper again to retrieve the KEY. Use the key on the door to enter the room. There’s also no light here.

Below you are two yellow tanks: a portable torch. Use the lit match from your inventory on the torch to create some light. Now you can see a blue radio on the table. Use the radio and select a phrase to reset the transmission.

Now it comes to a shoutout. It depends on your shooting skills wether you make it or not.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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