You’re hostage on a ship and need to rescue the others.

To get your medication, you have to open the suitcase. Use your cane on the suitcase to unlock it and use the suitcase to get the GREEN PILLS and RED PILLS. But some are missing. Use the door to talk to the guard outside. Talk about the captain, the accommodation and the missing pills. Keep nagging about the pills but the guard won’t budge. Talk to him about the window and then tell him you’re bored. Start telling a story and in the end the guard will leave. Use the door to get out.

Walk to the right past the bar and meet the information officer. Talk to him to learn his name is Igon and he’ll give you your BLUE PILLS.  Then you’ll see the guard taking a man to the bar. Follow them to the left and then enter the bar.  Talk to David on the far left and learn about his family, the ship and the captain. Offer to help and ask more information about his wife and kids.

After the conversation walk to the right and talk to the bartender. Talk about everything and then end the conversation. On the speaker behind you is an extension cord. When you try to take it, the bartender will stop you. Wait until he’s bending behind the bar and not looking and then take the EXTENSION CORD. Leave the bar and walk to the right to return to the information desk.


Talk to Igon and ask him about everything. Learn about the eye patch,  the useful things behind it and he’ll give you a ROPE.  Talk about the ship and its crew and learn that Pex loves a game of bingo. Then ask him about the machine next to him.  It’s not working. Use your cane to get the plug from the top and it’ll drop down. Use the extension cord on the plug and use the other end of the extension cord in the power socket left of the desk.

Use the machine to take the cover off and find… the kids inside. Talk to the kids but they can’t give you much information other than insults. use the machine to learn it’ll only take coins. You just have a bank note. Walk to the left and return to the bar. Walk to the left and talk to Dave. Tell him about the kids and offer him to get them out. Tell him about the bingo plan and he’ll help if he can.

Talk to the bartender and ask him about Pex and bingo. Ask when the next game will be and you’ll learn about the missing host. You’ll find it in the beard of the bartender and the only way is to get the beard washed. But the bartender doesn’t want to hear of it. You remember that there’s a drop of shampoo in your luggage.  Talk to the bartender and order a drink. Since you need coins, order the cheapest drink. Give your bill to the bartender but he won’t accept it because it’s not the right currency. He can tell because it’s not the right color.

Leave the bar and try to open the door to your cabin. It’s locked and inside is.. Agent Morris. Talk to him and in the end ask him to open the door. He won’t so you’ll have to find another way.

Use the rope on the statue and use the other end on the cabin door. It won’t open yet. Walk to the right and talk to Igon.  Ask him about the currency and learn that it has a greyish blue color.  Tell him about the bartender’s beard and he’ll tell you about the water. Tell him about the door but he can’t help you with that. While in conversation ask him about the plant and he’ll let you have a large LEAF that’s blocking the view anyway.

Walk up the stairs on the right and overhear the conversation the captain has with Pex and the other guard. Now you know where the mother is. When only one guard is left behind, use your cane on the MAGAZINE that’s on the floor. Then go down the stairs again.  Walk to the right of the machine into the corridor and find a painter waiting. Talk to the man and find that he isn’t much help. Look at the vending machine and the contents and see the petroleum jelly at the bottom row.

Try to take the jelly from the machine but the painter won’t let you. Give the magazine to the painter and he’ll start reading it for inspiration. Now that he’s distracted, use the vending machine again the get the PETROLEUM JELLY from it. On the floor are buckets with colored water. You can use that. Use the money from your inventory and dip it once in each bucket:  use the cyan to make it light cyan, use the magenta to make it light blue and use the yellow to make it light grey. Use the cyan again to make it greyish cyan and use the magenta again to make it greyish blue. That’s it! When you make a mistake you can start over again by using the paint stripper first.

Walk to the right to return to your cabin door. Use the jelly on the statue and the door will open, removing Agent Morris as well.  Enter your cabin and use the suitcase to get the SHAMPOO out. Use the leaf from your inventory on the leak to fill it with WATER and then use the shampoo with the water filled leaf to create a soapy mixture. Leave the room and enter the bar again. Talk to the bartender and give him the money to order a drink.  He’ll accept the money and give you COINS as change, but you won’t get a drink. Oh well…

Leave the bar and walk to the information desk on the right. Use the coins with the crane game until the kids are out. Walk back to the bar on the left, put the leaf on the counter and wait for the bartender to bend behind the counter. Talk to him and once he’ll get up again, he’ll hit his head and fall over into the bowl with water. One beard washed and a creature revealed.

Talk to Nab, his origin and the entertainment. Learn more about the bingo and Pex will be called in to play the game. He never looses. You’ll get a BINGO CARD as well. You can play a few games by telling Nab that you’re ready but without cheating you’ll never win. Walk to the left and use the jukebox to change the tune. Watch how Pex reacts. Talk to Dave and tell him his kids are safe. In the conversation select the jukebox. Tell him to use the jukebox. When Pex is distracted and dealing with Dave, use your bingo card to swap it with Pex’s. Tell Nab to start another game and guess what?… You’ll win!

You’ll get an inflatable BARBARA. Pex isn’t amused and will take you and Dave to the captain. Here you’ll learn about the location of the mother and the ships navigational system. You’ll end up in the brig with the others until the captain shows up who will take you to the meat preparation room next to a meat grinder. Pex has nasty plans. Talk to him and when you’ve exhausted all topics, talk about Barbara and the bingo victory. That’ll make Pex really mad and he’ll point a knife at you.

Talk to Pex and insult him. It doesn’t help. While in conversation, use the cane to tell him you’re unarmed. He agrees and gives you back your CANE.  Use the cane on Pex until you hit him in the face. Now Pex thinks it’s an unfair fight and he’ll end up on a hook as well. Now it’s a fair fight. Use your cane on the red emergency button on the wall and the fight and the machine will stop.. with Pex in it.

Use your cane again, this time on the hook you’re hanging on to lift yourself off. All you have to do now is get the username and password. Take BARBARA and the PILLS from the table. Use your cane with the top of the fridge to get off whatever is on there. Pick up the roll of TAPE from the floor.  Open the fridge and take the CHEESE out. Leave the room and you’ll end up investigating the noise in the bar. The bartender asks you to get the guard from upstairs but once you get there, the guard won’t move.

Go down the stairs and talk to Igon and learn about the navigational system, the password and the hacker and the fog that creeps up on the upper deck. Go left and enter the bar. The hacker is silent now because he’s having a drink. That’s your chance to make him talk! But you can’t get to the glass so you need to get to the source.

Talk to the barman and Nab and learn about the Karaoke. Talk to the hacker on the left and learn that he doesn’t want to let go information. You need to do something with the drink. Use the chain from the jukebox and set it free. Then use the jukebox again at the right time so it’s in the corner the moment the hacker throws his glass. He’ll destroy it but also fix it again.  He’s a hero and like the praise.

Talk to him and try to find out what the password is and what it is he’ drinking. He’s not the talkative type. Leave the bar and use the door on the right of the STOP sign. Downstairs you find a crate that you can open using your cane and get some COCONUTS out.  Walk to the right and try to enter the brewery. You quickly get out again because of the smell. Use the door on the right to see the hostages. There’s also a skeleton wearing a gas mask. You could use that but the rats are in the way. End the conversation and then use the cheese on the door to give it to David. Then ask him to use the cheese on Agent Morris. He’ll make sure the rats will leave.

Ask David to get the GAS MASK and he’ll give it to you. Use the mask on the door of the brewery to enter again. This time you can manage to stay inside. Talk to the fat man and learn about him being stuck, his loneliness and his job in the brewery. Surely you must be able to do something with that.

Walk to the left and find the leak in the pipe. Use the valve to make the spray to the left and then walk around the pipe into the spray. You notice it’s quite sticky. This should give you the possibility to get the fat man away from his equipment. Leave the brewery and outside use the coconuts with Barbara to give her some curve. Use the tape to keep it together and then use the disguise on the door of the brewery to go inside again.

The fat man is clearly in his element and when you talk to him again, he’ll try to catch you. Walk to the left until the fat man stops. Call him again and walk around the pipe into the spray. Keep calling the fat man so he follows you around the pipe until he gets stuck in the sticky muck and between the tanks. You’ll end up outside the brewery. Go inside again and walk to the left. Take the hanky from the fat man’s behind. It appears not the be a hanky but his BRIEFS.

Leave the brewery for now and walk left, up the stairs and back into the bar. Walk to the left and use the briefs on the puddle in the corner. Now you have a sample of the hacker’s drink. Leave the bar and walk to the right to the information desk. Give the soaked briefs to Igon and he’ll tell you what the hacker has in his glass. Leave on the left and use the door to the right of the STOP sign to go downstairs again. Walk to the right and enter the brewery.

Look at the funnels on the machine on the right until you find the one that has the brew Igon told you (Blow Me Head Off, upper right). Use the red pills with the funnel, leave the brewery and walk to the left. Go up the stairs and enter the bar. You’ll see the drugs have an effect on the hacker (The blue or green pills won’t have any effect).  Walk to the left to the hacker and talk to him. He’ll immediately give you the user name and password.

Leave the bar and walk to the right. Go up the stairs and find the guard still there, even in the fog. Talk to him and no matter what you say, he won’t leave, even impersonating the captain won’t help. You need to come up with a plan, he’s only leaving after seeing the captain.  Go down the stairs and walk to the right of the machine into the corridor. The painter is gone but left a picture of the captain. Look at the picture to realize your eyesight isn’t too well.

Walk back to the left and talk to Igon. Ask him something for your eyesight and he’ll give you a single use TELESCOPE. Whilst here, ask him about the triplet in the bar as well. Leave the information desk and walk to the corridor on the right. Use the telescope on the painting and the image will be transferred onto the telescope. Walk to the right and enter the bar. In front of the triplet is a light that you can use but they won’t let you have it.  Now there is a way to get the light but it’s tricky:

Talk to the triplets about their family and their feud. Talk to each individually and learn about their religion. Learn their living, gods and deaths.

Tahwid (Taoism)

  • living in harmony (acting through inaction),
  • many gods
  • return to original state after death
  • (+) black & white movies (=picture left of jukebox)
  • (-) alcohol (=bottles on the bar)

Bahwid (Buddhism)

  • avoid extremes, taking middle way
  • no god
  • reincarnation
  • (+) fish (=fish on the wall above bar)
  • (-) captivity (=chain around jukebox)

– Mahwid (Islam)

  • serve Allah
  • 1 god
  • depending on the way you lived
  • (+) sun (=torch in front of boys)
  • (-) monsters (=octopus behind you)

The trick is now to let the boys agree with each other by influencing their answer. Use the microphone of the karaoke set and one of the boys will ask a question to another. For instance Tahwid asks Mahwid if you have to serve your god. Tahwid believes in many gods so not to serve one. Mahwid has to answer in a negative way. Mahwid dsilikes monsters  so use the octopus behind you to sing a song about monsters. Mahwid will give a negative answer.

Another example: Mahwid asks Tahwid if you are reborn when you die. Mahwid doesn’t believe in reincarnation so Tahwid has to answer in a negative way. Tahwid dislikes alcohol so use the bottles at the end of the bar to sing about alcohol. Tahwid gives a negative answer.

Keep answering questions this way until they’ve found enlightenment. Ask the boys for the TORCH. Leave the bar and go to the right. Walk up the stairs. In your inventory combine the torch with the telescope and use the makeshift projector on the fog above the stairs. You’ll ask the guard to leave. Go up the stairs on the left to enter the control room. Use the computer system to hack your way in (you know the user name and password) but then your knowledge stops.

The intercom light will start to blink so use it to get in touch with Agent Morris. Tell him you don’t know what to do next. He’ll ask you to describe what you see. Tell him everything you see: microphone, switches, controls, screen left, screen middle, screen right, keyboard and  mouse.

Agent Morris asks you to look at the middle screen and tells you to contact one of the other ships. Look at the middle screen again and select one of the other ships. They’ll ask who this is so answer “our ship’s called Sea Krait”. They’ll reply and ask how they can help. Tell them “need help”. When they ask what’s wrong tell them “we are captured by pirates”. That’ll wake them up. They’ll ask for location and bearing so answer: “17-48-5 S, 42-3-40E” and next “10-25-63 deg”. The other ship will send for help.

Leave the screen and notify Agent Morris. After that the captain will enter and just before he tries to kill you, the ship will reach shallow water. The captain won’t give you the key to the brig so you can’t rescue the others. After you gain consciousness again, try to get the key. The captain won’t let go so use your cane on the hand of the captain and pick up the KEY. Leave on the left and go down the stairs. Go down the stairs again and talk to Igon. He’s staying behind. Walk further to the left and use the door to the right of the STOP sign. You’ll soon notice the staircase there has collapsed.

Walk to the right and talk to Igon. Tell him about the staircase and he’ll tell you about the alternative route outside the ship. Go up the stairs and walk north to the outer deck. There’s a guard on watch but when you walk towards the end and use your cane on the rail you can slide past him.

On the other end of the ship go down the stairs below the window and walk all the way to the right. Use the key on the brig door to unlock it and use the door to  get the others out. You’ll end up at the life boat and send them on their way when you realize you need a key to lower the life boat. And Igon has a spare key. Now you need to get back in again. Go down the stairs and enter the cold storage room. Take the HOOK from the conveyor belt and leave the room again. Walk to the right and enter the brig. Take the CHAIN from the skeleton and leave the brig again. Walk all the way to the left and up the stairs. In your inventory combine the hook with the chain to create a grappling hook and use the combination on the cabin window above the stairs.

The window will pop out and you can go through into your cabin. Walk to the right, past the bar to the information desk and talk to Igon. Aks him for the key and he’ll eventually is persuaded to go along. Back at the life boat the captain walks in again. The life boat is lowered and you’ll have to fight a final battle with the captain. Walk to the lower part of the boat where there’s an exposed cable on the floor. Once the captain reaches this spot, walk to the right and push the button there to electrocute the captain. The easiest way is to get captured here and once you’ll get free you’ll have a head start, hopefully in the right direction. Once the captain is electrified, make him walk over the hatch while you flick the switch left of the door. Make sure you do this when the captain is standing on it so he drops down.

Leave the ship by using Barbara with the sea on the right. You’ll make the doll into a float and set for land. Along the way you’ll meet a familiar face…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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