You’re in a bunker and you want to get out. Dig and you’ll find water… if you’re lucky. The bunker is devided in a grid of 8 x 8 squares. Given the X,Y coordinates (x horizontal, y vertical) you can find 11 bottles: 8,1 / 2,2 / 1,4 / 6,4 / 8,4 / 3,5 / 5,5 / 6,6 / 2,7 / 3,8 and 7,8.

You start at position 4,6. When you go up directly you can find almost at the top (5,2) a trowel that makes digging go faster. At 2,8 you’ll find diesel. Drink it and you’ll die.

Now to get out of the bunker, dig right next to you, at your right. You’ll find a sandworm who can tell you how to get out. And if he asks how many pimples are on a regulation golfball tell him 0 (zero). You’ll have your ball back as well.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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