So we have to guide the robot downstairs to the other side of the room…

Stage 1:

Walk to the door. It seems to be stuck. Give the door a good kick. That often solves these problems. Use the console. That opens the door downstairs and the robot can go to the next stage.

Stage 2:


Use the Rad Suit Console to raise the compartments for your suit. This way the robot can go to the next stage and you can take off that suit. Take your KEYCARD out of the console. Push the console again to open the door so you can go to the next part.

Stage 3:

Walk over to the next console. Use it to open the door downstairs….. Not working? Then we must find another way. Look at the drains in the floor. Open the drain. No, not with your hands ….  kick it! Through the hole we can see the switch downstairs, but we can’t reach it. Let’s see what we can find here to reach it. Use the keycard on the cardreader of the bathroom.  There’s a MOP with a long handle. Use that on the switch downstairs.  The robot can go to the next stage. Don’t worry, the door shuts automatically.

Stage 4:

Now the robot has to cross the water. Water will damage it. So we, as usual, have to figure out another way to get it across. Use the console. It doesn’t have any power. Broken? Or just the plug? Move the box next to the console. Use the wire that’s revealed to restore the power. Use the console again. The magnet will move and pick up the robot. Use the magnet to push it to the other side, until you can’t push it any further. Take the wire out of the socket and the magnet will turn off. The robot falls down to the next stage.

Stage 5:

Walk to the next console. We have to find a way to get the robot up the stairs. What was that? The floor cracked? Just behind the magnet is now a creaky spot. Give it a good kick to see if it’s strong enough to hold us. Ah! That helped the robot as well to the next stage.

Stage 6:

The idea is quite obvious: use the vacuum to suck up the robot. Easier said than done. The container is still full. Take the CONTAINER and walk over to the mens room, where you found the mop earlier. Use the container from your inventory and put it on the toilet. Now use the toilet to clear the container. Pick up the container again and walk back to the vacuum. Again use the container from the vacuum and use it on the containment unit. There you go. Now we need to attach the vacuum pump to the unit. A hose would be nice. There was one at the plant experiment. Take the HOSE from the cannister and go back to the vacuum. Use the hose on the vacuum. That’s one end done. Take the hose again to get the other END OF THE HOSE. Use the end of the hose from the inventory on the container. Now we’ve got a closed circuit that will create a vacuum. Use the vacuum to suck up the robot. Now it needs to get back to the other end.

Stage 7:

Take the container from the containment unit. Walk all the way back down the hall to the other end where it started…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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