Walk towards the light and you’ll end up in your room. Use the trashcan to find a KEY. Use the key on the front door to leave the room. Talk to the boy standing against the wall and listen to his advice. Walk to the right and use the black hole on the wall to get a strange KEY. Go to the left twice and walk north.

Walk to the left twice and to the gate at the end. Use the strange key on the gate to enter the cemetary. Look at the five tombstones and read the dates and names. Walk all the way to the right and look at  the antique house.To the right of the pile of wood you can find a SICLE. Use the door to enter the house.

On the right on the wall is a switch which will turn on the light. Take the KEY hanging on the wall and look at the book that’s on the table. Leave the house again. Walk to the south and follow the path to the north. Look at another three gravestones and the path to the north leads to another stone. Look at them.

Further to the right is a stone with a door. Use the key you took from the wall to open the tomb and then use the door to enter. On the wall is a torch and you can use it to open a staircase to the underground. Use the steps to go downstairs and below take the CROSS. Go back up again and walk to the right to leave the tomb.


Use the sicle on the oldest of graves, the right one in the row of three. Look inside the hole you dug and find the BLUE CRYSTAL. Take it and walk back to the left twice and you’re outside the cemetary again.

Walk to the right twice then to the north into the alley then to the south to reach your house again. Use the cross on the boy standing outside and he’ll disappear. Walk to the left, then to the north and on the crossing walk through the first door on the right. Walk to the north and look at the drawings on the wall: one of a sun, two of a flower.

Walk to the south and there you must bring back life. Use the handle in the middle to open a hatch on the left. Take a BLUE KEY from the opening and walk back to the south. Go north from there, followed by south to exit the cave.

Walk through the door next to it on the right and read the writing on the wall. Walk further to the back and use the door in the middle with the sword above it. Then take the door on the right with the snake. Then the door with the monster and finally the middle one with the sword again. You’ve reached a strange room.  Walk through the yellow door and take the yellow GOBLET. Walk back through the door and walk to the south twice to leave this cave. It starts raining.

Use the door below the Silent Hill 3 sign to enter the room behind it. Use the door below to walk down the stairs. Look at the sign on the wall. It’s familiar. Use the door on the right and put the goblet on the stand on the left. Look at the symbol on the left. It has a hole in the shape of a key so use the blue key on the symbol.

Look at the symbol on the right and see a round hole in it. Use the crystal on the symbol on the right. Use the button left of the red symbol and you’ll return to your room. Take the KEYfrom the bin in the corner and use the key on the front door. There’s a real life again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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