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Anticipating Murder – Walkthrough (Plastic Ostrich Games/2006)

By Leon | January 19, 2008

Anticipating Murder Walkthrough

This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

Your car:

You start in your car with a man standing next to you. Talk to him. He wants you to give it to him. But what? The only thing you have in your car is the brown bag. So take the brown bag and give it to the man. Then try to drive off….

The hospital:

You wake up in the hospital. You can’t remember much. All you know is that you want to go. Go through the door to the reception and talk to the nurse. She tells you you can get your belongings as soon as the doctor signs you out. But can we wait that long? Look at the desk. Take an PEN from it. On the other side of the nurse is a chart. It’s yours. Take the CHART. Look at the chart in your inventory. It’s about you. Use the chart in your inventory to find another paper behind it. Look at it. It’s a release form, only not in your name. Use the pen to change the form. Then give the form to the nurse. You’re free to go. You get your WALLET. Look inside your wallet. There’s a drivers license and a business card. Look at the license. It gives you your name and address. Leave the hospital.

Your apartment:

Talk to the lady. She wants the rent. But you don’t have the money. Look at your mailbox. Oops. Look at the doormat. Cliche? That’s where they hide the key, right? Use the doormat and yes! Your KEY. Use the key to enter the apartment. Look around. Go through the door next to the entrance. It’s your bedroom. Look at the nightstand. Take the PHOTO. Look at the photo in your inventory. So that’s Lauren. Use the door next to the mirror. It goes to the bathroom.

Look at the toilet. The tank is slightly open. Take the top off. Use the tank again to take the plastic BAG out. Look at the plastic bag. Use the bag in your inventory and find $300. Go back to the living room. The door next to the picture leads to the kitchen. Go there.

On the table is a cellphone. Look at the cellphone. Use the PHONE. You press redial and dial the answering machine of Rob Broek. His Fairview Office. Right. Use the phone again to see what else is in the phonebook. No luck. Go back to the living room.

On the loveseat are the yellow pages. Use them to find the address of Rob Broek. Leave the house. Give the $300 to the landlady. She gives you a message to meet your girlfriend at a bar. And she has a letter that she’ll hold until you pay her the remaining $500. Go back inside and use the yellow pages again. Find the bar. Leave the house and go to the road. We’ll pay Rob a visit first.

The accountants office:

Talk to Robert. He hired you as PI to find out about his wife. He won’t tell you much more. Look next to the table. It’s an empty sherry bottle. Leave him for now. We’ll go to the pub.

Bailey’s Bar:

You’re being shot at! Look at the door. Someone is inside. Talk to the door. Lauren is his daugter. You can come in. Use the door again. Talk to the man behind the bar. When there’s nothing more to talk about, take the BOTTLE from the table. It’s the same brand Robert uses. Let’s go back to him.

The accountants office:

Give Robert the sherry. Now he’ll talk. He give you a PHOTO of his wife. When he’s done talking about his wife, talk to him again. Ask him for an advance. He’ll give you $500. Leave the office and go back to your own apartment.

Your apartment:

Give the money to the landlady. She’ll give you the LETTER. Read the letter. A photo studio on Warren Street. Enter your apartment and use the yellow pages to find the studio. Then leave the house and go to the studio.

The Studio:

Talk to the man in the chair. He’s met Jessica but says he doesn’t have an affair. Right. Let’s see about that. Let’s go back to our apartment.

Your apartment:

Talk to the landlady. A PACKAGE was delivered for you. Open the package and read the label on the DVD. Go inside and use the dvd on your TV-set that has a built-in player. So there’s your proof. Let’s confront our photographer with it. Back to the studio.

The Studio:

Confront the man with the evidence. Ask him the whereabouts of Jessica. So she’s in a motel in room #13. Let’s see if we can find that place.

The Motel:

As soon as we arrive, another bomb will go off. Leave the motel to see if you can find someone who did this. Enter the motel again. Look at the maids cart. There’s junk and some keys. Take the KEY of room #13. Since you’ve got the key you can enter the door and check out the room.

Look at the laptop. Maybe we can learn more if we look at her mail. Use the laptop. It’s password protected. Use the laptop again. Use it a third time to see the questions to her password: date of birth, nickname and favorite drink. Robert should know things about his wife so let’s visit him.

The accountants office:

He’s not the cooperative type. We need to see her boyfriend about the date. Let’s go.

The Studio:

The photographer can give you the date. That’s good. Now back to Robert for the nickname.

The accountants office:

Ask Rob about the nickname. Another thing he doesn’t know but he knows that Mary maybe knows. She’s the nurse in the hospital. Let’s see her for the nickname.

The Hospital:

Talk to the nurse. After thinking hard she can come up with one. So there’s the name. Back to Rob again.

The accountants office:

As predicted he doesn’t know this one either. He thinks it’s white wine but isn’t sure. We have to see a specialist on this one. Let’s go to the bar.

Bailey’s Bar:

Talk to the man behind the bar. He might be able to tell the kind of wine by looking at a picture. Give him the picture of Jessica and he’ll think of a white wine for the girl. As soon as you’ve got it, leave the pub and go back to the motel.

The Motel:

Enter the room on the left. Use the laptop again. Question 1 is incorrect? Well…. only one way to find out: back again to Robert.

The accountants office:

Ask Robert the date of birth. He’ll ask you what you thought it should be and he’ll correct it. As soon as you’ve got the date, go back to the motel.

The Motel:

Enter the room again and use the laptop again. Now we’re in…. and so is Jessica! And Johnny. They’ll take care of you. Once again your lights go out.

The Basement:

You’re being dumped in the basement while Jessica goes searching for the deposit box and Johnny keeps an eye on the door. Talk to Lauren. When there’s nothing more to talk about and you proposed, try to find a way out. There’s a toolbox but it’s locked. No keys to be found. Touch Lauren. She’s got a HAIRPIN that you can use. Use the hairpin on the toolbox. Once it’s open take the SAW out. Use the saw on the stairs and take a BOARD from it. Now if Johnny gets in, he’ll never see the step… Go over to the switchboard and turn off the light. Ask Lauren to call for Johnny so he gets in. He’ll fall and you’ll hit him in the head with the board. He’s out. There’s Johnny. Search Johnny. There’s a bulge. Search him again to take his PHONE.

Look at his phone in your inventory. Use the phone. Anyone with a password? Use the phone again to take the battery off. Use it again to take the phone apart and leave only a BATTERY. Use the battery on your own phone. Use your phone to call the police.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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