We’re going to visit our brother in the hospital. Walk to the left to find the entrance of the hospital. Open the doors and talk to the receptionist. Ask her the roomnumber of GD. He’ll be in room number three. Turn right and open the third door from the left. There’s your brother. Talk to him.

He’s not happy. His batteries went down and now his game doesn’t work anymore. He’s getting bored. He gives you $5.00 to get a pair of fresh batteries.

Leave the room to the south and walk to the left. From the reception walk south and you’re outside again. Walk all the way to the right, past the Used Stuff Shop and from there walk south. Here you’ll see a booth of the public garden. Walk south into the gardens. There’s a lonely man standing. Talk to the man and he’ll ask you what you’re looking for. Tell him you’re searching batteries.

He has plenty of batteries but wants something in return. Leave the park to the north and go north again. From there one screen to the left and enter the Used Stuff Shop.


Talk to the man behind the counter and ask him for batteries. He doesn’t have them. Look at the shelves. Toys, books and calendars. Maybe a calendar can be exchanged for some batteries. Take the CALENDAR from the shelf and give the money to the man behind the counter.

Leave the shop and go back to the man in the park (right, south, south). Give the calendar to the man and you’ll receive the BATTERIES. Walk to the north twice and to the left three screens. Enter the hospital again and walk to the right into the hallway. Behind the third door from the left is your brother. Enter the room and give him the batteries. He’s a happy guy.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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