There’s a mail from RoboHQ. Better see that handsome MailBot outside.

Use the TECH SUPPORT UNIT from the shelf to take it. Use the controls to open the compartment and use the compartment to take a SEED out. Use the door to leave the room and talk to MailBot. He needs a reset. Look at MailBot to learn it’s serial number and then use the tech support unit on MailBot. Choose option 3 and enter the serial number on the tech support unit: 24113

Talk to MailBot again to receive the MESSAGE. Look at the message to see it’s unreadable. Use the door of your apartment again and inside give the message to message bot to have it translated. It’s about the designated partner. Since you don’t want that, you have to find a way to get a date with that handsome MailBot.

Use the door again to leave and use the seed on the soil left of the apartment. A tree will grow and a WATERFRUIT will drop from the branches. Walk to the right twice and talk to DeathBot. Keep telling him how cute he is, even when angry and he’ll turn himself into a HAMMER. Pick it up and walk to the south to leave the scene. Walk to the left twice  and talk to Park Bot. I have the idea he’s walking the dog. They suggest you talk to Com Bot. So you get a KEY.


Walk to the left and use the key on the speaker. Com Bot will appear and you can talk to him. Another bot with feelings. Ask about the designated partner and Com Bot will tell you about the creative virus. Talk about the virus some more to learn how to use it. You will then be sent back to Park Bot for the spare vial. Look at the window of the structure left of Com Bot. There seems to be something behind the glass. Use the hammer on the glass to smash it and then use the window to take the CODE BREAKER DEVICE. Also pick up a SHARD of glass from the ground.

Walk to the right and talk to Park Bot about the virus. But they don’t have it anymore, they left it on the bench. Well it’s not there anymore. Talk to the BirdBot. He wants a cracker. Give the code breaker device, which is a cracker, to the Bird Bot and you’ll get the VIRUS.

Walk to the right twice and you’ll meet two robots trying to stop you. Look carefully at them, but don’t get too close. When they raise their hammers, a button becomes visible on their torso’s. First deactivate the bot on the left by walking as close as possible and then pushing the button. The bot will go in standby mode. Then look at the bot on the right to learn his serial number. Push the button as well and as soon as this one goes into standby, use the tech support unit on the bot to reset him. Two harmless bots now.

Walk further to the right and find Guard Bot. Try to walk into the building and he’ll stretch his arm. Use the glass shard on his arm and it’ll deflate. Use the door again to go inside. Use the controls  on the right to open the compartment, then use the virus with the compartment. Finally add the water fruit to the compartment and use the controls again to close the compartment and administer the virus through the atmosphere.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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