All screens show a power failure. That needs to be restored first. Referring to the screens as left and right, front, center and back, go to the left front. Press space there. You can see that there’s no power at all. Go to the left middle one. That’s the one of the backbone. You can see by the power pyramid in the left lower corner how to restore power. Go back to the left front screen and set the switches to correspond with the pyramid of the left middle: 11010. Go back to the left middle screen and see that is has power. You can see that the backbone is corrupted so you need a clean backbone.

The Backbone:

In the manual you can go to right front screen and logon. Use the MAIN_MEMORY, SYSTEMS_INFO and sys_cryo.nfo to find that the clean backbone is in the cryo pod. It’s on the right back. Go there to see the power pyramid so power can be restored. Go back to the power screen on the left front and set the switches to 01101 so the cryo pod is activated. Return to the cryo pod and it’s active but you are presented with a keypad and 8 digits to enter. That’s a bit long to guess. So it must be somewhere.

In your manual, the same sys_cryo.nfo tells you that the code is changed daily, and must come from maintenance, station security or Anna. But Anna doesn’t talk anymore. So we need to restore her voice. Leave the cryo pod and go to the right front panel to learn the power settings of the voice. Then go to the left front and enter 10011 as setting for the power.


The voice:

Walk back to the right front panel and you can see the synthesizer code. You’ll get a warning about virusses but ignore them for now. Let’s try to restore the voice first. It seems impossible but it’s not:

Work from left to right, and work one column at a time. Goal is to make the letters white. Start with the first column. When a letter is dark, push the letter to the right of it. So if the B is dark, push the H so the B becomes white. If the E is dark, push the L, if the I is dark push the C and so on. Ignore the status of the second column for now until the first is completely white. Repeat the procedure with the second column but now use the letters of the third to change them. This way you should be able to get 4 rows correct, except for the fifth. But look at the voice: there’s something that we can make a code of…..

The Cry Pod:

Leave the voice panel and go to the power panel on the left front. Use the settings from the cryo pod: 01101 and go to that pod in the right back. When you’re presented with the keypad again enter 52378066 and the panel will open, showing you a clean backbone. You take it automatically.

The clean backbone:

Now back to the backbone. First to the power panel on the left front to restore power to the backbone panel: 11010. The to the left middle panel to see what the backbone status is. You see that the clean backbone is placed but the power cells need to be switched to the clean backbone. That means that the cells from the left need to go to the right. This is the classical tower of Hanoi.

The solution (L=left, M=middle, R=right):

L-R, L-M, R-M, L-R, M-L, M-R, L-R, L-M, R-M, R-L, M-L, R-M, L-R, L-M, R-M, L-R (first), M-L, M-R, L-R, M-L, R-M, R-L, M-L, M-R (second), L-R, L-M, R-M, L-R (third), M-L, M-R (fourth), L-R (fifth). The system is rebooting and the power is restored.

Now that power is back up again, we need to restore communications. Go to the right middle panel and you’ll ask Anna to restore the comms. After a lengthy discussion, Anna is convinced and will restore the comms panel. Go back to that panel in the right middle.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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