After you have landed you need to explore the planet.

Walk to the right twice to find the CarniMoon entrance. Use the entrance to explore the fair. In front of you is a sludge filled hole. Use the hole to get some of the SLUDGE. Use the sludge on the three red dots on the right to bypass the security system.You can now proceed further to the right.

You have to take samples so take the ROCK, what looks like dirt,  lying near the cirlce and you’ll put it in a bag. Use the jar from your inventory on the water stall, the left of the three stalls to take some of the WATER.

Walk to the left four times to return to your ship and use the jar and the bag on the ship to analyze the material. You’ll receive a REPORT. Use the report on the space ship to get your new orders: get into the warehouse below the fair and take it down.


Use the spaceship again to get three items: TOXIC WASTE INVALIDATOR, an ULTRA SHIELD ORB and a BIG BOMB. Walk to the right twice and use the entrance again.

Get a free BRATWURST from the stall in the middle. Use the big bomb on the entrance below the Zipper to open the warehouse below the fair. Use the giant hole you made to go below. There’s a huge toxic waste field.  Use the waste invalidator on the field until further instructions.

Walk to the right to find another building with two doors. The door on the right is locked and that’s always suspicious. Use what looks like a hole left of the building to get a ROD. Use it on the door on the right to unlock it but it still won’t open. Use the bratwurst on the door to grease the hinges and use the rod on the door again to enter the building.

There’s the vilain. All you can do now is to use the ultra shield orb on yourself and hope for the best.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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