You’re in the woods and have no idea how you got there. You need to figure it out.

Look at the streetlamp and woods. Then look at the bushes and use the bushes to get the ROCK. Use the rock on the broken streetlamp. The GLASS will fall and you can pick it up. Follow the road to the left to reach a map.

Your only destination at the moment is the office so go there. Look at the desk and use the desk to look in the drawers and take your LOCKPICK out. Use the window on the right to see what’s happening outside. Look at the bookcase and the files in it. There’s one missing. That reminds you of the Stillman case. Look at the topshelf and use the topsheld to find your GUN in the teapot and take it with you. Look at the gun in the inventory to see there’s only one bullet left. Walk to the south to return to the map and go to Rose’s.

Talk to Rose and get the NOTE with the address of the apartment of Stillman. She can also tell you about the two shady figures the were following you. Walk through the door on the north to reach the toilets. In the trashcan is an empty BOTTLE someone left behind. So take it. Walk to the south back to the bar and use the bottle on the ashtray on the table to take the ASH. Leave the bar on the south and on the map select the apartments.


The door on the north is of Stillman’s apartment but it’s locked. Use your lockpick on the door to go inside. Look at the bed to notice something under the pillow. Use the pillow to take Stillman’s BUSINESS CARD. Walk to the left to enter the toilet.  On the shelf is a BOTTLE with shampoo. Take it. Walk to the right back to the bedroom and to the south to leave the apartment. Go south to the map and  go to  the warehouse on the right.

Look at the car and notice it’s the same model Stillman drives. Look at the trashcans. The second one from the top contains a HAMMER. Try to enter the warehouse by walking to the right and talk to Bulk. After he tried to hit you there’s a MATCHBOX on the ground. Walk to the south and go back to Rose’s.

Walk to the toilet throught the door on the north and use the shampoo bottle on the toilet to empty it. Use the matches on the note you got from Rose with the address. Use the burning paper on the trashcan.  Call for Rose and she’ll kick you out of the toilet. Use the empty bottle on the mug with beer in the middle. Then use the bottle with ashes on the bottle with beer. Walk to the south to leave the bar and on the map return to the warehouse.

Give the bottle with beer and ashes to Bulk and he’ll run off. Walk to the left and use the hammer on the window of the car. You create a small hole to fit your hand through and take the KEY out of the car. Walk to the right to enter the warehouse.

Inside you can look at the chest that’s locked. How to unlock? Use your gun on the chest and it’s open. Inside you find a bag that’s hard to open. Use the piece of glass from the street lamp to cut the bag and you have the DIRTY MONEY. Walk to the south to leave the warehouse and to the lower left to return to the map. Go back to Stillman’s apartment.

Use the door on the north to enter the apartment and use the key you found in the car on the desk. Out comes the diary and you read about Jackson and the cave. Leave the apartment on the south and go south again to reach the map. Then select the hideout on the lower left.

On the left is a shady character hanging against the wall. Talk to him and tell him you know all. Jackson doesn’t believe you so give him the dirty money.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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