You must lose weight to save the earth.


Pick up the KEY you’re standing on and use it on the door. Use the door to go through.

Act 1 – Personal Hygiene:


When you want to enter the mall you are stopped by a police officer. After a lengthy conversation, give him the envelopen and enter the mall. Use the map on the stand to move around the mall and first select the hardware store.

On the floor is a NAIL. Pick it up. Talk to the salesman but there’s not much information. Use the map again and select the rest rooms. Enter the mens room and take the bar of SOAP from the urinal. Use the arrow to leave the mens room and enter the ladies next.In the lower right corner is a bin but the lid is broken.

Use the soap on the sink to create a WET SOAP. Use the wet soap with the nail to create a SOAPY NAIL. Use nail on the bin to repair it. You automatically search the content and take the USED PAD out. Use the arrow to leave the toilets, use the map to go to the lab.

Talk to the person bihind the desk. Give your membership card and you get a BLUE CUP. You need to put blood in it for the test to get access to the gym. In your inventory use the cup on the pad and there’s BLOOD in the cup. Give the cup back to the man behind the desk and it will be tested. You pass and can enter the gym. Use the map and go to the gym.

Give the papers to the lady next to the door. You get your MEMBERSHIP CARD back and you can go in. Take the huge WEIGHT from the cabinet in the back. Talk to the trainer and learn about the earwax. Use the arrow to leave the gym and outside use the map and select the hardware store again.

Give the weight to the salesman and tell him it a malfunctioning gear. He’ll take it back and gice you a replacement. A real GEAR. Use the map to leave and goto the farm. Talk to the farmer and find out that he has a machine to pick couliflower but there’s a gear missing. Give the gear to the farmer and get some MONEY in return. Use the map and go to Lyposuck.

Talk to the man and then give him your money. It’s not enough and you have to get some more but at least you get a Q-TIP. Now there was someone who could use this. Use the map and return to the gym. Give your membership card to the doorman and use the q-tip with the one inside. It’s COULIFLOWER. Someone was looking for that.

Use the arrow to go outside, use the map to go to the farmer. Give the couliflower to the farmer and you get some more MONEY. Use the map to return to Lyposuck and hand the money to the man. This time it’s enough and you’ll get your treatment.

Act 2 – Chewing the fat:

Walk to the north to enter the fair. Use the ticket on the booth to be able to enter and then walk to the left. Talk to the familiar man at the rollercoaster and show him your ticket to go for a ride. The roughness made you PUKE.

Walk to the right twice and look around. More amusement. Talk to the arts and crafts lady and she’ll eventually throw a bottle of GLITTER at you. Walk further to the right and talk to the clown. He’ll give you a MAGIC BEAN. Use the bean on the clown and the clown will pass out. Take the LAMP from the ground and the RED NOSE from the clown. Use the table on the left to get a piece of GUM from under it.

Walk back to the left twice and look at the watergun. Talk to the man next to it. The gun has very little water. Use the puke on the man to make him leave and use the nose on the watergun. Use the gun at first to shoot the horseshoe guy and get a HORSESHOE. Use the gun again to reveal a door on the target. Use the door to open it and take the KNIFE from behind it.

Walk to the right and use the lamp with the power socket of the tent. Use the lit lamp on the tent to be able to enter it. Inside you find some furniture. Use the drawer to get UNDERWEAR and a CONDOM. Use the knife on the midget bowling on the left to cut the BALL loose. In your inventory use the condom with the magnetic horseshoe to wrap it. Use the gum on the ball to wrap it and make it sticky. Then use the glitter on the ball to make it shiny.

Leave the tent and use the horseshoe on the power socket to charge it. Walk all  the way to the right to the dunking booth and use the horseshoe on the booth. When you use the glitterball on the booth, you pick up the one on the ground and throw the glitterball. The man falls off and doesn’t return.

Talk to the pig man and ask for the GREASE. Walk to the south twice to return to your car. Use the grease on the car to drive off…. you think.

Act 3 – The great escape:

Use the lamp anywhere to light up the room. Use the underwear on the broken chair to create a slingshot. Then use the ball on the device to hit the switch.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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