You’ve reached the house where the killer of your father should be.

Use the Ghost Manor to enter the house. You hear some noises from upstairs so walk up the stairs on the left and you can just see a ghost around the corner. Walk north into the hallway and find the ghost in front of a door. Then the ghost disappears through the door. Use the lock of the door to see if it’s open, but it’s not.

The cloaked stanger can help you with a key but wants items for a special dagger first. So you have to find the items you need. Walk to the right to leave the man and use the door left of the vase to enter the toilet. Next to the sink is a bar of SOAP. Take  it and use the door to leave the bathroom again. Walk down the stairs.

In the entrance hall walk to the south to reach a corridor. Use the door on the far right to enter the kitchen. Open the fridge door to see what’s in it and take the BANANA PEEL and the jar with MAYONNAISE out. Open the freezer door above it to discover a human head. Use the door to leave the room and in the hallway a psycho chef will attack you. Now it’s all to timing. Use the banana peel on the floor in front of you and the chef will slip and fall. His dagger is on the floor.


Pick up the DAGGER and use the door to the north. A bucket with red paint is left behind. Use the dagger with the paint to create your first item: a bloody knife. Use the door again to leave and in the hallway walk to the left. Use the doorway to the right of the plant to enter the room of a little girl. On the floor is a MARKER. Take it. In your inventory use the marker with the mayonnaise to change it into the second item you need: Ektoplasm . Now the fairy dust.

On the desk is a Tinkerbell statue. If you try to take it, the ghost of the little girl will appear in the mirror and prevent it. In your inventory use the knife with the soap to cut a SOAP FIGURINE. Use the soap statue with the fairy doll to swap them and you’ll have the FAIRY DOLL. But it’s not dust yet. Use the door to leave the room and in the entrance hall walk to the south. In the corridor use the door on the far right to enter the kitchen.

Use the fairy doll with the blender and use the blender to crush the doll to dust. Take the FAIRY DUST from the blender and use the door to leave the kitchen. Walk all the way to the left and in the entrance hall walk up the stairs on the left. Upstairs walk to the north on the right side to return to the cloaked stranger. Give the knife, the jar with Ektoplasm and the fairy dust to the stranger. In return you’ll get the KEY.

Use the key on the lock to unlock the door and use the door to enter. There you’ll find the ghost again. Walk towards the ghost and he’ll stop you. But then you’re trapped and learn the real story. Tied to the Tesla coil, the ghost has to take control. Take the POWER CABLE #1 on the left and pull it from the socket. Insert the cable #1 into the Doohikcey left of the socket you took it from. Do the same with POWER CABLE #2 on the right side. But this cable goes into Nikola Tesla.Then use the control panel on the left to start the barbecue.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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