You’ll end up separated from each other on a cliff. Both have their own actions and it doesn’t matter what’s done first. You can even switch halfway. The actions for each character are give here.


Walk to the east and enter the cave. Walk through it. You’ll step into the desert. Keep walking until you see the first ‘house’. Enter that one. Below the bed is some fruit. Take it. Look at the picture on the wall. Remove it and get the nail from the wall. You must use your hammer to pry it out. Leave the building. Walk further to the east to the cactus. Use your knife to pry a piece of cactus. Use the cactus on the fruit. Walk east back to the entrance of the cave but don’t enter. Go south here. You’ll see a guard guarding a flag. You can talk to him. Ask if you can do something for him. If he ask for some fruit, give him the cactus-flavoured fruit. He’ll make a run for it. Take the flagpole. You don’t need the flag.

Return to the cactus and from there walk further east. Now from your inventory: use your rope on the pole. Use the pliers on the nail. Use the hook on the pole with rope. Now use your fishing rod to get the skull from behind the alien. Return to where you came from. Don’t worry about the guards. You’ll escape on the hovercraft. If you haven’t instructed Davy yet now’s the time. Elandra will keep on flying until Davy is ready.



Walk to the west until you see two huts. Enter the first one. You want the leaves, although they smell and luckily there are some on the ground. Pick them up. Also take the sheet from the bed. Leave the hut and walk south. You’ll see the alien passing earlier dead under the tree. Search him and take his helmet and pocket knife. Fill the helmet with water. Use the knife to cut the sheet. You’ll have the size of a tea bag now. Use your pacification spell on the leaves. Put the leaves in the sheet. Use your ‘run hot’ spell to heat the water. Then put your teabag in the water and you’ll have your instant tea. Go north again and try to enter the hut on the left. A monster will come out. Try talking to it. A little green alien will enter and show you how to pass the dragon. So that’s what you’ll need to do. Go east. The little green alien will be walking there. Give your tea to the alien and use your sleepytime spell afterwards. It’ll go to sleep under the tree. Take his coat. Now take your helmet back to the lake and get some more water. Back to the tree with the alien. Under the other tree is a puddle of mud. Pour the water on it. Use your Icy Spell on the mud to make it icy ….. eehhh green.

Go west and stop by the tree at the right side of the screen. Put the green mud on your face and there you go! You’re past dragon. Take the energy from the wall. Walk out of the cave again (your disguise goes automatically) and to the east. Never mind the guards, you’ll end up in prison anyway.

If you didn’t play Elandra’s part yet, now’s the time. If you have, she’s still on her hovercraft. Anyway, switch to Elandra. Enjoy the outro.

Game source: The game was found here on the internet.

2 Replies to “A Better Mousetrap – Walkthrough (Dave Gilbert/2003)

  1. Thanx for d wonderful tips.
    Well, i was stuck with Davy, when i iced up the water and turned it green. And i got it right after seeing this tip. That is to heat it up.
    I had finished Elandra’s easily without lookin this. It was quite easy.

    Thanx again

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