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Cabbage Quest: Quest For Knowledge – Walkthrough (FruitStripeApe/2007)

Cabbages and Kings – Walkthrough (Creed Malay/2002)

Caleb’s Drunken Adventure – Walkthrough (Hugh Stephens/2003)

Calsoon – Walkthrough (Chrille Blomqvist/2001)

Calsoon 2 – Walkthrough (Chrille Blomqvist/2002)

Cards Escape – Walkthrough (Karla/2009)

Carver Island 1: The Secret of Carver Island – Walkthrough (Francisco Gonzalez/2003)

Carver Island 2: Mrs. Rodriguez’s Revenge – Walkthrough (Francisco Gonzales/2001)

Casablanca: The Day After – Walkthrough (AussieSoft/2003)

Cash Room Escape 2 – Walkthrough (Karia/2009)

Castle – Walkthrough (Peter Langston/1974)

Catacombic – Walkthrough (JetXL/2005)

Caverns – Walkthrough (Helm/2005)

Caverns (Unknown/????)

Cayanne Pepper – Walkthrough (Montague/2007)

Cedric And The Revolution – Walkthrough (Bernie/2005)

The Cell – Walkthrough (Candle/2005)

Celtic Chaos 1: Cold Mead – Walkthrough (Helme/2009)

Celtic Chaos 2: Fisherman’s Fiends – Walkthrough (Helme Burch/2010)

Chalk’s Quest – Walkthrough (Aapeli Kutila/2005)

Chaos Engine (Virgin Interactive/1992)

Chaos Engine (Virgin Interactive/1992)

Charlie Foxtrot And The Galaxy Of Tomorrow – Walkthrough (Alex Van Der Wijst/2007)

Charlie The Clown (Schenk & Horn/1997)

Chasing Robot – Walkthrough (Gin Atanacio/2004)

Cheerful Science – Walkthrough (Akatosh/2008)

The Chef – Walkthrough (Francisco Gonzalez/2002)

Chez Apa – Walkthrough (Jonas Sjöqvist/2002)

Chick Chaser – Walkthrough (Pedro Scribe/2005)

Chicken vs Road – Walkthrough (Strange Visitor/2006)

Children Room – Walkthrough (Ayça Çoban/2009)

Christmas 4 2 – Walkthrough (Culun_dog/2006)

A Christmas Blunder – Walkthrough (Moonbeam Games/2007)

Christmas Quest 2: The Yuletide Flows In – Walkthrough (Adventure Gamers/2006)

Christmas Quest 3: Santa’s Little Helpdesk – Walkthrough (Adventure Gamers/2007)

Christmas Quest: The Best Adventure Game Ever – Walkthrough (Adventure Gamers/2005)

The Chronicles of Aarbron – Amiga Version – Walkthrough (Lion Software/1997)

The Chronicles of Aarbron – PC Version – Walkthrough (Lion Software/1997)

Chronicles Of Captain Cringe – Walkthrough (Montague/2008)

The Chronicles Of Max And Maggie – Walkthrough (Daniel Hanley/2004)

The Chronomancers – Walkthrough (Discordance/2009)

Cirque De Zale – Walkthrough (Rebecca Clements/2004)

Claire – Walkthrough (Relight/2003)

Class Notes – Walkthrough (Polynomic Studios/2005)

Clip Goes To Town – Walkthrough (Karl Laimets/2006)

Cold Meat – Walkthrough (Helme Burch/2009)

Cold Storage – Walkthrough (Dylan Downing/2006)

Colin Simpson Leaves Employment – Walkthrough (Michael Lynch/2009)

The Colorless Sylph – Walkthrough (Tijne/2009)

CoMATtCEHoSVD – Walkthrough (Ivan Firsov/2007)

Commander Keen Enters RON – Walkthrough (Tobias Schmitt/2002)

Compensation – Walkthrough (Ben Hunter/2002)

Comrade Citizen – Walkthrough (Dan N/2007)

Confessions Of A Cat Burglar – Walkthrough (Neil Mapletoft/2004)

Conspiracy Of Songo – Walkthrough (Lior & Tslil Tamim/2003)

Constance The Barbarian – Walkthrough (Joanna Mary Preston/2004)

Cool Croc Twins (Empire Interactive/1992)

COP: The game – Walkthrough (Tuntis/2005)

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (Capstone Software/1994)

Cosmos Quest 2: To Find A Sun – Walkthrough (Kinanev/2008)

Cosmos Quest 3: The mines of Isagor (Kinanev/2009)

Cosmos Quest: To Find A Sun – Walkthrough (Kinanev/2005)

Cougar’s Quest For Freedom – Walkthrough (Leonard Carter/2004)

Counterfeit – Walkthrough (Zor/2004)

Coup De Cup – Walkthrough (System Cell/2004)

Coyote 1: The Mexican – Walkthrough (Tim Hengeveld/2009)

Crackwell 2: Unhinged – Walkthrough (Blowie/2011)

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Craft Of Evil – Walkthrough (Buckethead/2008)

Crave – Walkthrough (Richard Evans/2005)

The Crazed Chicken – Walkthrough (Chris Dobrzyniecki/2006)

Creepers – Levelcodes (Psygnosis/1992)

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Crypt – Walkthrough (Mätzyboy/2004)

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